Microsft Media Platform: Enhanced Movies (mmpem) provides a framework for the delivery of rich interactive movie experiences—experiences that go far beyond any streaming experience today. The “enhanced movies” feature set enables studios and distribution houses to package content—complete movies, in high definition, with special features, multiple languages, interactive games, social media, advertising and more—as complete, downloadable, rights-protected applications. These applications can run on a wide range of devices—from desktop and home theater computing systems, to mobile phones, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and more. MMPEM movies can even be purchased with Facebook credits, enabling content owners to offer a full streaming service, with the functionality of the original disc, through a Facebook page.


MMPEM movies enable new levels of interactivity and exploration, merging rich web experiences with the movies themselves.

Benefits to Content Owners

From a content owner’s perspective, Microsoft Media Platform: Enhanced Movies (MMPEM) movies make it possible to deliver all the features and benefits of today’s highest fidelity disc technology without any of the usual related headaches. The cost and resource requirements associated with producing physical discs and transcoding them for multiple playback regions go away. The cost of transporting and warehousing discs goes away. Time to market becomes something over which you have much greater control.

Creating MMPEM applications for consumers is much simpler than creating a complete Blu-ray disc. Via this project site, Microsoft provides a movie developer kit that includes a reference player and source code, basic player templates, reference code, and documentation. Microsoft is also releasing a developer kit optimized for the presentation of MMPEM movies on Microsoft Windows® Phone 7. Other companies in the Silverlight ecosystem are building additional tools and templates that extend the movie developer kit even further.

By using these tools and templates, content owners can package complete MMPEM applications quickly and cost-effectively. At the release date of their choosing, content owners can make the applications available through their own websites, through social media pages, or through authorized online retailers. Content owners can even sell MMPEM movies through traditional brick and mortar outlets. Instead of purchasing physical discs, consumers can purchase digital keys that enable them to download and unlock MMPEM movies that will then play on the devices of their choosing. Silverlight enhanced movies can automatically update themselves, too, which enables studios to add extra content over time and keep trailers fresh and relevant, even targeted to an individual consumer’s viewing preferences.


MMPEM movies enable new levels of flexibility that physical discs cannot replicate without great expense.

MMPEM technology also makes it easy to package movie content for both movie rental and movie purchasing customers. Movies sold for rental viewing can include an upsell prompt that enables consumers to buy the movie for unlimited viewing and to access bonus features. The ability to use a single asset for dual purposes ensures effective license management without additional development or delivery costs to the content owner.

Benefits to Movie Buffs

From a consumer’s perspective, MMPEM movies deliver still other benefits: Movies can be acquired on demand, whenever the consumer wants them. Consumers can download applications to their mobile phones directly from a studio’s online store—they might also download movies to their computers from an online retailer. In every instance, the MMPEM movie application contains all the features they might want—not a partial presentation of the features they want.

Moreover, because MMPEM movies should be UltraViolet compatible, consumers can enjoy their library of Silverlight enhanced movies on as many as 12 different devices. The movie they started watching on a TV in their living room they can continue to watch on a laptop or a mobile phone in the car later on—without having to worry about whether a compatible DVD player is available when and where they decide to continue watching the movie.

Features that Go Beyond Streaming as We Know It

MMPEM movies opens up new worlds of interactive opportunities. Content owners and their authorized agencies can use web APIs (application programming interfaces) to engage with consumers in exciting new ways. A pizza parlor, for example, might run an ad within a
Silverlight enhanced movie that offers a special discount on pizzas. Because MMPEM movies can interact with the web, the movie viewer can interact with the local pizza parlor right through the ad and soon be enjoying a pizza while watching the movie. On another night or in another movie a different ad, or no ad at all, might appear.


MMPEM movies can merge movies with rich web experiences.

The interactivity of MMPEM movies makes it possible for content owners to learn what features and movies are popular with individual consumers. The Silverlight Analytic Toolkit enables content providers to gain new insights into consumer behavior. This insight can help content owners and their affiliates deliver more of what consumers want and begin to cultivate relationships with real customers, not merely with abstracted demographics.

Paramount Pictures has extended the MMPEM platform, and consumers of its movies can benefit from the interactivity and flexibility of MMPEM movies. Consumers can:
  • Create custom clips of favorite movie moments to be saved for later or shared on social networks.
  • Use the Movie Info feature to identify actors, objects, music and places in the movie—from right within the movie itself.
  • Play interactive games, such as pop-up movie trivia games.
  • Order products and services directly from the screen.
  • Take advantage of special offers available only to MMPEM viewers.

And more. The dynamic nature of the MMPEM experience means whole new ways to interact with and learn from consumers. Moreover, the Microsoft application developer ecosystem is rapidly creating tools and plug-ins that will help you bring exciting new experiences to market.


Simply put, MMPEM technology delivers a better, more dynamic experience than either discs or streaming as it has been delivered to date—and that’s beneficial to everyone. It creates new opportunities for content owners to engage with consumers. It creates opportunities for consumers to engage with content when, where, and how they want.

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Consumers can view MMPEM movies on a wide range of devices—from mobile phones to set-top boxes and much more.

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